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Today is    •   (Updated 5-20-16)


The bookstore at the Women's Rights National Historical Park in Seneca Falls, NY, has sold out of Vera's Will and ordered more copies:


Hamilton Stone Review poetry editor Roger Mitchell 's essay
on the poetry Rochelle Ratner.


The Hamilton Stone Review # 34 Spring 2016
is now available online!  

Poetry by Mary Carroll-Hackett, Darrell Epp, Roy Frisvold, Abiigail George, Allison Goldston, Joseph Harms, Halvard Johnson,Richard Jones, Jenna Kelly, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Stephanie Porven,Charles Rafferty,Emily Ransdell, Barry Seiler,Chumki Sharma, and Richard Spilman; Fiction by Nancy Barnes, Ruth Charney, Jan Clausen, Beverly Gologorsky, Gary Schlesinger, and Josephine Wright.


Duke University Press is bringing out a
20th anniversary edition of
Hamilton Stone author Jane Lazarre's Classic Memoir:
Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness:
Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons


Twentieth anniversary edition

Beyond the Whiteness of Whiteness

Memoir of a White Mother of Black Sons by Jane Lazarre with a new preface


"An important affirmation of a white woman's love of her Black sons.

Jane Lazarre, warrior mom, has crossed over."—Alice Walker


"A beautifully written, deeply thoughtful journey into the worlds of self

and other."—Kirkus Reviews


More good news about Hamilton Stone Editons Authors:


In April, Shelley Ettinger is going to speak at a literary festival at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, which has the country's only MFA program in literature and social justice. And there's a terrific review of Vera's Will in the current issue of Lilith!

She will also be on a panel at the Queens Book Festival, August 7 at the Mets stadium.




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Recent Hamilton Stone Editions E-books:


E-book versions of Shelley Ettinger's Vera's Will, Jane Lazarre's Inheritance ( Kindle, Nook, and all other formats ) and Some Place Quite Unknown (Kindle, Nook, and all other formats). Meredith Sue Willis's Re-Visions (Click for the Kindle edition, for all other formats) and Edith Konecky's Fiction and the Facts of Life (click for the Kindle edition; for all other formats, click here).




Don't forget Reamy Jansen's Available Light!

Latest praise:"This is a soft spoken heartfelt book--one to be read slowly, akin to short sips from a glass of fine wine."     — Robert Milo-Baldwin, Bloomsbury Review of Books

More books by Reamy Jansen: Two Ways of Not Hearing and My Drive, A Natural History are both at Finishing Line Press in Georgetown, KY. Two Ways of Not Hearing covers issues of mortality and constancy and the threats of getting older. My Drive is a series of linked prose poems about commuting to work and going solo to the unknown.



A new selection from Carole Rosenthal's novel-in-progress and an interview at Works in Progress.



A selection from Carole Rosenthal's memoir The Woods (1953) has been published in the March 2014 anthology Not Somewhere Else but Here, from Sundress Publications. See Carole's webpage here.



Now available:

Stories about New York

A New Imprint at Hamilton Stone Editions:
Irene Weinberger Books

E-Books and Hard Copy Books in Cooperation with Other Publishers

Our First Release: Oradell at Sea by Meredith Sue Willis,
In cooperation with West Virginia University Press



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More Recent Publications:

Miguel Antonio Ortiz's Novel Parental Sins
And James Cervantes' poems,
From Mr. Bondo's Unshared Life





An essay by Hamilton Stone Review poetry editor Roger Mitchell on the poetry of Hamilton Stone author Rochelle Ratner.

Latest book by Hamilton Stone writer Meredith Sue Willis: Meli's Way from Montemayor Press .

Jane Lazarre has a new article online at TomDispatch about being the mother of black sons.

Shelley Ettinger read from Vera's Will at Book Soup in West Hollywood in June, 2015, and also at the NYU Bookstore with Ellen Meeropol and Celine Keating, and at the Bureau of General Services Queer Division, at the LGBT Center and at Queens Pride House.
Shelley Ettinger's Vera's WillI at the Denver Library; : Review of Vera's Will in the Fall 2015 issue of Lilith; Miriam Frank gives a Rave Review in Work History News Vol. 33 No. 2!; Lambda Literary Review ; New Pages Review ;Interview with Shelley 6-4-15; Start with a Story Blog;  Blog post by Carol Rosenfeld; NYU Stories profile of Shelley Ettinger ; Library Journal calls Shelley Ettinger's Vera's Will "powerful, superbly written" and "a breathtaking achievement"!!!; Beth Barrett calls Vera's Will an "instant classic." ; good review at .

2-15-15 reading and celebration: Shelley Ettinger, Shelley and Meredith Sue Willis; the book; MSW and Carole Rosenthal
Latest praise for Reamy Jansen's Available Light: "This is a soft spoken heartfelt book--one to be read slowly, akin to short sips from a glass of fine wine."     — Robert Milo-Baldwin, Bloomsbury Review of Books
More books by Reamy Jansen: Two Ways of Not Hearing and My Drive, A Natural History are both at Finishing Line Press in Georgetown, KY. Two Ways of Not Hearing covers issues of mortality and constancy and the threats of getting older. My Drive is a series of linked prose poems about commuting to work and going solo to the unknown
A selection from Carole Rosenthal's memoir The Woods (1953) has been published in a March 2014 anthology Not Somewhere Else but Here, from Sundress Publications.
Hamilton Stone's newest provisional member is Shelley Ettinger. Her upcoming novel is Vera's Will, which ranges the twentieth century from the Kishinev pogrom to American homophobia in the nineteen-twenties-- to the struggle for GLBT rights in the nineteen-seventies! See Shelley's blog.
Hamilton Stone Review #30 Winter-Spring 2014  has lots of great reading: Poetry by Gale Acuff, Kevin Carey, Michelle Disler, Doug Draime, Susan J. Erickson, Kate Falvey, William Ford, Benjamin Goluboff, Howie Good, Hannah Greenberg, Michael Hettich, Charlene Langfur, Catherine Morocco, Keith Moul, Frederick Pollack, Mary Ann Rockwell, Gerard Sarnat, and David Trame; Fiction by Ellen Alexander Conley, Arturo Desimone, Priscilla Jolly, Edith Konecky, and Jane Stark; and Nonfiction by Gretchen Clark, Chelsey Clammer, Bruce Colbert, Catherine Mauk, and Jay Hansford C. Vest.
Trina Carter in Foreword Reviews says of Miguel Ortiz's new Hamilton Stone novel Parental Sins,"Drawing on folkloric traditions, Miguel Antonio Ortiz explores themes of sin and salvation, guilt and atonement, betrayal and forgiveness....By turns philosophical and metaphorical, he manages to poke fun at 'the viability of sin' while considering what it means to have inherited from our original parents 'the guilt that requires having to expiate timeand again the crime of having eaten the apple.'"
Excellent review of Lynda Schor's Sexual Harassment Rules from The Brooklyn Rail.
Hamilton Stone author Meredith Sue Willis has a new e-book only out from Foreverland Press, Love Palace. She also has a new story in the Winter 2014 issue of Persimmon Tree. It's an updated version of "Little Red Riding Hood" called "Feral Grandmothers: Little Red's"
Hamilton Stone Editions poet, James Cervantes read from his new book, From Mr. Bondo's Unshared Life Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 7:00 PM at Changing Hands Bookstorein Tempe, Arizona.
Hamilton Stone Review #29 Fall 2013  has lots of great reading: Poetry by Sarah Anderson, Nina Bennett, Roy Bentley, Ace Boggess, Doug Bolling, Craig Cotter, Mark DeCarteret, William Doreski, George Freek, Nels Hanson, Maureen Kingston, Tricia Knoll, Philip Kobylarz, Desmond Kon, David McAleavey, Bruce McRae, Karla Linn Merrifield, BZ Niditch, Holly Painter, Joyce Peseroff, Roger Pfingston, Brianna Pike, Tim Suermondt, Anne Whitehouse, Chelsea Whitton, and Leonore Wilson; Fiction by Rebecca Andem, Jack Dowling, Desirée Jung, Richard Kostelanetz, Robyn Ryle, Yong Takahashi, and John Duncan Talbird; and Nonfiction by David W. Ricker,  Jerry Wemple, James Ferry, Terry Barr, and Jim Krosschell.
Leora Skolkin-Smith was interviewed in Lilith magazine about about the re-release of her novel "Hystera" (winner of the Global -Ebooks Award and the USA Book Award in Fiction).
Hamilton Stone author and editorial board member Lynda Schor has a new book from SpuytenDuyvilPress :Sexual Harrassment Rules.
Harriet Rzetelny's short story "Tag Line" will be published soon in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine



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Hamilton Stone's First Book published as an E-book First!
Camino Meditations by Kelly Watt

For Kindle, for Nook-- for all e-readers!


Meet Kelly Watt and Miguel A. Ortiz on our Authors' Page



Latest E-books:

Available Light by Reamy Jansen and Dwight's House and Other Stories by Meredith Sue Willis


New Book by Hamilton Stone Author Halvard Johnson: Remains to Be Seen from Spuyten Duyvil Press.

Jane Lazarre's INHERITANCE is reviewed on Politerature

Hamilton Stone Review contributor Mike Maggio has a new book out, Granite and Steel.

New Issue of the Hamilton Stone Review is now available! Fiction by Steven Schrader and Jay Baruch, nonfiction by E.J. Myers, poetry by Judith Skillman-- and many, many more!

New Submissions Guidelines for the Hamilton Stone Review

Halvard Johnson reports the death of Hamilton Stone Review poet Sybil Kollar. See poems at Hamilton Stone Review # 5 .


Hamilton Stone author wins Global E-book award! Congratulations, Leora Skolkin-Smith!


New Issue of The Hamilton Stone Review Now Up!
Fall 2012, Issue #27--

Poetry by Alan Britt, Bill Brown, Keith Dunlap, Myron Ernst, Susan Firer, Howie Good, James Grabill, Jeff Gundy, Rachel N. Heller, Len Krisak, Casandra Lopez, Paul Nelson, Genevieve Payne, Simon Perchik, Ned Randle, Lois Roma-Deely, Elaine Sexton, Tim Suermondt, Lee Upton, and David Woodward; Fiction by Deborah Clearman, Valerie Fox and Arlene Ang, Mike Maggio, Charles Rammelkamp, Andreas Trolf, and Eva White.


Eva Kollisch's book mentioned in The Forward

Excellent first review of Sleepwalker's Songs in Hinchas de Poesia

Leora Skolkin-Smith interviewed online in a piece
about the new International Journal Jewishnet


Hamilton Stone Editions was at the Brooklyn Book Festival on 9-23-12

Submissions to the Hamilton Stone Review Fall Issue
Now closed.    Complete guidelines here.



More Recent Books

Sleepwalker's Songs, Poems by James Cervantes                 Homeward Bound by Howard Waskow


Sleepwalker's Songs: New and Selected Poems by James Cervantes

James Cervantes's Sleepwalker's Songs seems so sane, its light so much that of the quotidian, that it is only with a certain shock (like that produced by a dream remembered) that one realizes what one has really experienced

                                                                           - T.R. Hummer


Cervantes, one can reasonably assume, believes longing is its own music.  Be forewarned. These are the poems of someone who knows the dangers in such music and has chosen to dance to it anyway.

                                     - Sam Pereira



Homeward Bound: Seeking Satisfaction in the Family by Howard Waskow.

"Readers are accompanied by a wise guide on a journey to understand more deeply the sources of disappointment in their family relationships and to discover potential paths to greater satisfaction in the family and in intimate relationships more generally.."  
                                    —Irene Elkin, PhD Professor Emerita, University of Chicago, Psychotherapy Researcher





(More News and Older News)



More in e-book formats!

For the Kindle (Click image)
For all formats, click title below.

The Cisco Kid in the Bronx by Miguel A. Ortiz & Love and Money by Edith Konecky


2012 Books

Sleepwalker's Songs, Poems by James Cervantes ; Homeward Bound by Howard Waskow;
The Cisco Kid in the Bron
x by Miguel A. Ortiz; Fiction and the Facts of Life by Edith Konecky;
Inheritance by Jane Lazarre; and Re-Visions by Meredith Sue Willis




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Did you know that Hamilton Stone author Lynda Schor is also a visual artist? See some of her latest work here.

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