T H E   H A M I L T O N   S T O N E    R E V I E W
Spring 2006 (Issue No. 9)





Table of Contents





Rodney Nelson

kari edwards
Something fails to realize

Sybil Kollar

Lanny Quarles
My Eye Is a Twisted Skinless Dolphin Lyre

Michelle Greenblatt and Sheila E. Murphy

Jan Clausen
from “Two Circuses in Winter

Jeanne Shannon
Les Vergers en fleur

Alan Sondheim
untitled poem

Janet Jackson
An Update for the Pilgrims Guide

Bob Marcacci
untitled poem

Simon Perchik
3 untitled poems 



D. L. Luke 
The Displaced Worker

Grant Tracey

Aaron Gilbreath
Pinaleño Split

Charles Rammelkamp
Casual Mysteries, Everyday Betrayals

Mark MacNamara
The  Woman in the Walls 

Rebecca Kraft
Mrs. Ippy


Lori Horvitz
The Last Days of Disco Donut
My Life as a Hippie Chick





Contributors’ Notes 

Jan Clausen’s most recent book was a memoir, Apples and Oranges (Houghton Mifflin). Her poems have appeared recently in Bloom, Fence, and Ploughshares; more will be out soon in Gargoyle, Heliotrope and Nightsun. The recipient of a NYFA Poetry Fellowship in 2003, she teaches at the Eugene Lang College of the New School and in the Goddard MFA in Writing Program.  Ikon Books will publish From a Glass House (poems) late in 2006.


kari edwards received one of Small Press Traffic’s books of the year (2004), New Langton Art’s Bay Area Award in literature (2002); and is author of obedience, Factory School (2005); iduna, O Books (2003), a day in the life of p., subpress collective (2002), a diary of lies -- Belladonna #27 by Belladonna Books (2002), and post/(pink) ScarletPress (2000). edwards’ work can also be found in Scribner’s The Best American Poetry (2004), Civil Disobediences: Poetics and Politics in Action, Coffee House Press, (2004), Biting the Error: writers explore narrative, Coach House, Toronto, (2004), Aufgabe, Tinfish, Mirage/Period(ical), Van Gogh’s Ear, Amerikan Hotel, Boog City, 88: AJournal of Contemporary American Poetry, Narrativity, Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics, Pom2, Shearsman, and Submodern Fiction


Aaron Gilbreath lives in Portland, Oregon, with his cat and ferret amid stacks of Jimmy Smith CDs. His fiction has appeared in Opium Magazine, AntiMuse, The Pittsburgh Quarterly OnLine, Ascent Aspirations and the dumpster outside his apartment. 


Michelle Greenblatt is a student at Florida Atlantic University and is the new co-editor of poetry for AND PER SE AND, formerly known as “mprsnd.” Her first book, brain:storm, has recently appeared from Anabasis Press. 


Lori Horvitz’ poetry, short stories and essays have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies including Hotel America, The Southwest Review, Quarter After Eight, Thirteenth Moon, and The Brooklyn Review. She has been awarded writer-in-residence fellowships from Yaddo, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Blue MountainCenter, and the Cottages at Hedgebrook.  Currently, she is an associate professor of literature and language at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. 


Janet Jackson, from Western Australia, sculpts in English. Her poems have appeared in Mattoid, Aversion, Heartland, Wasteland, Thirst, Marginata, Blast and The West Australian, and online at Malleable Jangle, Fieralingue, PixelPapers and her own website, Proximity. She enjoys performing at Perth readings. Her recent zine is called "In the church of my skull.” http://www.arach.net.au/~huxtable/janet/proximity.html 


Sybil Kollar's work has been published in numerous literary magazines and anthologies including The American Voice, Chelsea, Columbia, The Literary Review, Other Voices, and Rattapallax. Her poems have been appeared in anthologies including A Formal Feeling Comes: Poems in Form by Contemporary Women, Story Line Press and Party Train: American Prose Poems, New Rivers Press. She has received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and has written the texts for a song-cycle for mezzo-soprano and flute composed by Donna Kelly Eastman that was recorded in the Society of Composers, Inc. CD Series. She won the University of Wisconsin’s first Chris O'Malley Fiction Award and, in New York City, won the CCS Fiction Prize. She has had writing residencies in Germany and Scotland, and a collection of her verse, Water Speaking to Stone, was published by Pivot Press in 2004. 


Rebecca Kraft’s written and visual material has been used on the Late Show with David Letterman, she has written jokes professionally, and she holds a current Guinness World Record, "The Most Shrimp Eaten Out of a Human Mouth By a Duck."  Currently she is working toward an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Colorado.


D. L. Luke writes: "I am a lifetime resident of New York State living in the Finger Lakes region. In 1993, I graduated with a BA. and received the Margarita G. Smith Award for a short story in 1993 and the Pen & Brush Award for fiction in 1994. My short stories have been published in, among other places, Dispatch One, http://www.litdispatch.net, Plum Biscuit, Beneath the Surface (McMaster University’s literary journal), Whispering Pines,  Haunts, and Mostly Maine. I was the third-place prizewinner for a feature article in the New York Press Association’s 2005 competition, and my non-fiction has appeared in The Business Review, the Ithaca Times, Tech Valley Times, and other venues." 


Mark MacNamara lives in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. 


Bob Marcacci is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area native currently living and writing in Beijing, China. Recent work of his has appeared in Andwerve, Issues, MiPoesias, Moria, and Otoliths. He also hosts the International Literary Open Mic every Wednesday evening at The Bookworm in Beijing. 


Sheila E. Murphy’s most recent book is Continuations (with Douglas Barbour), from The University of Alberta Press. http://www.uap.ualberta.ca/UAP.asp?LID=41&bookID=664 Her home is in Phoenix, Arizona. 


Tim Murphy is a Marine Corps major who has recently returned from combat deployment in Iraq. He lives in New Jersey with his wife and two children. 


Rodney Nelson divides his time between North Dakota and Arizona. A lifelong nonacademic, Nelson has published poems in Georgia Review and, more recently, narratives and poems in ezines like Big Bridge and Cipher Journal. His novel Villy Sadness was published by New Rivers Press.  In May 2006, the online Sugar Mule devoted a whole issue to Nelson’s narrative poem Bytime in Yangland


Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poems have appeared in Partisan Review, The New Yorker, and elsewhere. Readers interested in learning more are invited to read Magic, Illusion and Other Realities at www.geocities.com/simonthepoet which site lists a complete bibliography. 


Lanny Quarles writes: Looking out my window at the only volcano inside the city limits of a standard township? O who knows about these things? I write from my library in SE Portland, Oregon, and I don't even have to do the dishes! Am I 38? Or maybe billions, trillions of years old? How old is the water inside us?


Charles Rammelkamp lives in Baltimore, Maryland, with his wife, Abby, and two daughters, Anna and Zoë.  His novel, The Secretkeepers, was published in 2004 by Red Hen Press.  For ten years he was on the adjunct faculty of the English Department at Essex Community College.


Jeanne Shannon’s poem in this issue will  be included in her book titled Angelus, scheduled to be published later this year by Fithian Press (John Daniel Publishing). Her poetry has appeared in Hunger, Quarter After Eight, Bardsong, and others. She has published several chapbooks and two full-length collections of her work, which includes fiction and memoir as well as poetry.


Alan Sondheim’s books include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjecti-vity (Lusitania, 1996), Disorders of the Real (Station Hill, 1988), .echo (alt-X digital arts, 2001), Vel (Blazevox 2004-5), Sophia (Writers Forum, 2004), Orders of the Real (Writers Forum, 2005), and The Wayward (Salt, 2004). His videos and films have been widely exhibited. Since January 1994, he has been working on an “Internet Text,” a continuous meditation on philosophy, psychology, language, body, and virtuality. He is currently working with the Swiss dancer/ choreographer Foofwa d’Imobilite on new work to be premiered in Switzerland and Italy. In May 2006, he had a major solo show at Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles.


Grant Tracey, editor of North American Review, is the author of two story collections-- Parallel Lines and the Hockey Universe and Playing Mac and Other Scenes.  Last fall, he played Chief Bromden in Waterloo Community Playhouse's production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest










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