THE HAMILTON STONE REVIEW ~~~  Fall, 2004 (Issue No. 4)

All Fiction Issue
Featuring Members of the Hamilton Stone Collective



We hope in this issue to give a sampling of Hamilton Stone writers, whose reading of the human condition varies as widely as their style. But let them speak for themselves in their Appalachian, New York, Southern, Midwestern accents.

                                                         -- Rebecca Kavaler & Edith Konecky, Editors


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Table of Contents, Issue 4


Halvard Johnson
   Uncollected Stories

Rebecca Kavaler (from A Little More Than Kin)

Edith Konecky
   The Cocktail Hour (from View to the North)

Carole Rosenthal
   The White Duck

Lynda Schor

Meredith Sue Willis
    Susan (from Dwight's House and Other Stories)





Contributors' Notes

Halvard Johnson

Halvard Johnson is the poetry editor of the Hamilton Stone Review.
He lives in New York City with his wife, the prize- winning fiction writer, artist, teacher, and editor Lynda Schor.

Rebecca Kavaler

Recent poetry appears in fall issue of Prairie Schooner. Winner of an AWP writing award for short fiction, her most recent stories are collected in A Little More Than Kin, Hamilton Stone Editions, 2001.

Edith Konecky

EK's "Cocktail Hour" is excerpted from her forthcoming novel, View to the North. Her previous books are A Place at the Table and, most recently, her collected stories, Past Sorrows and Coming Attractions.


Carole Rosenthal

Carole Rosenthal's fiction has been published in many magazines ranging from Transatlantic Review to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. Her stories appear in Other Voices, Confrontation, The Cream City Review, Mother Jones, and elsewhere. They have been reprinted in anthologies, including Powers of Desire, Love Stories for New Women, Mystery Bag, Secrets, Foreign Affairs, and WomanSpace, and they have been dramatized for radio and television, most recently by Italy's RAI network. Rosenthal's short story collection, It Doesn't Have to Be Me (Hamilton Stone Editions) has been cited for its "wry and compelling" humor and "fascinating glimpse beneath the surface of everyday life at ideas that would otherwise go unexplored."

Lynda Schor

Lynda Schor is the author of two books of short fiction, Appetites, reissued recently by Hamilton Stone Editions, and True Love & Real Romance. She has stories and articles in many magazines. She's won a number of prizes, most notably, two Maryland State Arts Council grants. A new book of short fiction, The Body Parts Shop, will be out from the Fiction Collective Two, in February, 2005.

Meredith Sue Willis

Meredith Sue Willis's most recent fiction includes Oradell at Sea (West Virginia Univesity Press 2002); Dwight's House and Other Stories (Hamilton Stone Editions 2004), and The City Built of Starships (Montemayor Press 2004).







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