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News Fall 2005

Coming December 2005!











Guide to the Tokyo Subway
Poems by Halvard Johnson



Stories by Nathan Leslie

Best-selling author John Dufresne says of Nathan Leslie's work:
"His is the art of few words and powerful resonance."



More coming in early 2006:

Temporary Meaning
poems by James Cervantes



Visit us in Spring 2006 at the
AWP Conference



New Review!!  
 Edith Konecky's long awaited new novel

Praise for View to the North : "... a woman's life journey from youth to middle age, and her experiences as a wife, mother, and lover. The narrative alternates between moments of "then," times past, and moments of "now," living in the present, and confrontling the future. Bisexual themes as well as the universal conflicts and self-reflections of a parent watching her chidlren grow up and grow more distant add a poignantly human tone to this introspective story."
                                                                             -- Midwest Book Review




Meredith Sue Willis's new collection of short stories Dwight's House and Other Stories has received excellent reviews.

.... Willis regards all of her characters with unsentimental compassion. Her fiction leads us by the hand into dark places, and then leaves us on our own to find our way out.
                                            -- Margaret Quamme
                                              American Book Review,
                                               March-April 2005 Issue

"These tales examine the troubling paradoxes of the human condition with sympathy and synchronicity....Highly recommended. "

                                                 -- Midwest Book Review





Summer 2005 Issue of The Hamilton Stone Review   is available here. Fiction by Pat MacEnulty, Ramsey Wilkins, and Masha Zager , and poetry by Gene Frumkin, Amy King, Kenneth Pobo, Joseph Somoza, David Hopes, Stephen Vincent, Bob Marcacci, Harriet Zinnes, Kerry O'Keefe, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Eileen Tabios, Frederick Pollack, and David Howard.


Winter 2005 Issue of The Hamilton Stone Review: Fiction by Sybil Kollar, Sue Mellins, Lance Olsen, and poetry by Deborah Poe, Alan Brilliant, Susan Donnelly, Paul Murphy, Catherine Daly, Tad Richards, Sybil Kollar, Todd Swift, mIEKAL aND, Roy Frisvold, Rochelle Ratner, Hugh Steinberg, William Sylvester, Tim Martin, Andrew Lundwall, Burt Kimmelman, James Cervantes, Skip Fox, Sheila E. Murphy, and CÚsar Vallejo (translated by Rebecca Seiferle).   The Hamilton Stone Review Winter 2005 .

Fall 2004 issue of The Hamilton Stone Review: All Fiction Issue! Fiction by members of the Hamilton Stone Collective: Halvard Johnson, Rebecca Kavaler, Edith Konecky, Carole Rosenthal, Lynda Schor, and Meredith Sue Willis.   The Hamilton Stone Review Fall 2004


Summer 2004 Issue of The Hamilton Stone Review:
Poems by Jordan Davis, Harriet Zinnes, Edward Field, Gene Frumkin, Zan Ross, Barry Alpert. Hugh Seidman, Alvin Greenberg, and Mary Rising Higgins. Click on The Hamilton Stone Review Summer 2004.


Winter-Spring 2004 issue of The Hamilton Stone Review features poems by Jane Augustine,  Michael Heller, Rebecca Kavaler, Sybil Kollar, Lewis LaCook, Roger Mitchell, Tom Raworth, Rochelle Ratner, Joseph Somoza, and Larry Goddell.   Fiction is by Jane Lazarre, Richard Perry, and Susan Robbins. Click on The Hamilton Stone Review Winter 2004.

Fall 2003 issue of The Hamilton Stone Review features poems by James V. Cervantes, Wendy Battin, Dick Allen, and Gwyn McVay. Stories are by Joan Newburger, Ellen Alexander Conley, and Shelley Ettinger. Click on The Hamilton Stone Review Fall 2003!







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